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  • UGC-recognized, ICAR*-accredited two-year Food & Agribusiness Management Program with 100% placement records.
  • Special Hindi Spoken Classes for Non Hindi Speaking Student.
  • Special English Spoken Classes for Hindi Medium Students.

To rejuvenate the energies and to create a sense of togetherness amongst students, sports and cultural activities play a vital role. Through sports and cultural activities, students explore their interests and develops their overall personality. Various clubs and societies at ISAB helps the students conduct various creational and developmental activities.

Students are given ample opportunities for personal growth and exploration of hobbies. A number of societies and clubs are active on the campus and are solely managed by the students under the guidance of faculty members. The campus also host various events and festivals to engage students & create a fun atmosphere. Each component of the festival or event is organized and executed by the students. Students enjoy a different experience altogether at ISAB (Agribusiness Management Colleges in Delhi NCR, India) because of the management’s engagement and focus towards different activities. Hostel facility is utilized maximum for the learning factor as classes, doubt sessions and various discussions with faculty takes place outside the classroom as well. There’s no bar of age, time and other barriers on the campus when it comes to knowledge sharing. Various workshops and seminars are organized for the students every week in order to get a clear picture of the industry. ISAB firmly believes in imparting practical knowledge along with the theoretical one. The college management gives liberty to the students to engage and take part in creative activities, following societies have been created to demonstrate and promote a sense of “larger than life” college atmosphere-

Clubs & Cells at ISAB


Imperial School of Agri Business (ISAB) has an Alumni Cell to maintain a long-term relationship with Alumni of ISAB Greater Noida to create better synergies.

Alumni Cell looks forward to organizing various activities such as ALUMNI SPEAK SERIES - Interactive online/ offline session with alumni, From the Alumni Desk, Annual Alumni Meet and other such events to create bonding among the alumni and students along with guidance for the students. We believe that such activities help students become aware of the demand for skills and capabilities by the potential recruiters and prepare for it in advance.

Alumni Cell has the mandate to bring everyone from ISAB Fraternity to network, providing guidance and support which will be helpful for everyone.

The objectives of the Alumni Cell:

  1. To organize alumni events and activities that facilitate networking, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing among graduates.
  2. To provide opportunities for alumni to give back to the institution through volunteerism, philanthropy, and advocacy.
  3. To establish and maintain effective communication channels that keep alumni informed about the institution's news, events, and initiatives.
  4. To collaborate with other stakeholders (e.g. faculty, staff, students, employers, community partners) to enhance the institution's reputation and impact.
  5. To promote the achievements and success stories of alumni in order to inspire current students and demonstrate the value of the institution's education.

Cell Secretary: Venkata Sai. D



Sports Club at ISAB will provide healthy sporting habits among the students and is also an opportunity for the students who have an interest or their hobbies in sports like playing football, table tennis, Lawn tennis, chess, cricket, badminton, kabaddi, table tennis, volleyball, doing yoga, meditation, running, weight training with proper rules and regulations etc.

The main aim of the sports club is to make the students physically as well as mentally fit and the club will definitely help to develop teamwork as a skill among the students.

The objectives of the Sports Club:

  1. Building up teamwork and removing communication gaps for better coordination
  2. To ensure mental well-being and increase the self-esteem of an individual
  3. Improving social abilities, mental alertness and physical fitness

CLUB Secretary: Nakul Choudhary



Placement Cell is a platform that help students to build their personalities as per the need of job market. Here the Cell members take up the responsibility of mentoring the students to build their various skills required to take on the challenges of a corporate and live business situation and perform well under pressure. The Cell holds events that will allow students to interact with various expert personalities that are active in agriculture and allied fields. The Cell also aims to showcase the capability of the institute and builds and expand its footprint in the education and agri-business field. Ultimately Placement Cell is the place for organizations to connect and find the best Human Resource for their organisation.

Cell Secretary: B Guruprasad Ransingh



Literary and Media Cell seeks to provide opportunities for the students to inculcate creative writing and public speaking skills at ISAB by providing a platform for the students to exhibit their talents. The cell organizes weekly group discussions and also public speaking competitions along with workshops for improving the oratory skills of the students. Literary and Media Cell also releases monthly college magazine combining the activities conducted by all clubs and cells of the institution. This e-magazine includes the articles expressing creative thoughts of students and reputed academia from the agribusiness sector. As part of the media-related activity, the cell keeps everyone updated about the events and important announcements of the institution through the official website of ISAB and social media platforms.

The objectives of the Literary and Media Cell:

  1. To enhance critical thinking and communication skills, conduct sessions and workshops that stimulate critical thinking, analytical skills, and effective communication through literary analysis, media critique, public speaking, and debate, empowering students to articulate their ideas confidently.

Cell Secretary: Abhijith Nair AC



Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club at ISAB is the new student-led club for anyone with an interest in cultivating their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. The team of the club believes that the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship brings out skills within us to compete in a global environment, leading to a prosperous society. The club aims to provide students with resources and mentorship for education, social networking, teaching and research events, to cultivate their interests in innovations to transform them into future entrepreneurs.

What Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club provides?

  1. Network with startups, founders, members, alumni etc. from relevant areas of interests.
  2. Learn how to apply innovative mindsets in any business.
  3. Learn the skills and tools, you will need to start your business or join a startup.
  4. Pitch your ideas and get expert advice in collaboration with Imperial School of Agri Business (ISAB).
  5. Gain insights from the practices of the startup ecosystem and well-established firms.
  6. Meet and socialize with like-minded people and build your entrepreneurial skills.

The objectives of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club

  1. Promote Entrepreneurial Mindset: Encourage and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset among members by organizing workshops, seminars, and guest lectures that inspire and educate on key entrepreneurial principles, such as creativity, problem-solving, resilience, and adaptability.
  2. Support Startup Incubation: Provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into viable business ventures. Offer mentoring, guidance, and resources to help startups navigate the various stages of their journey, including market research, business planning, funding, and scaling.
  3. Foster Innovation and Collaboration: Create a collaborative environment where innovative ideas can flourish. Facilitate interdisciplinary interactions, networking events, and hackathons to encourage cross-pollination of ideas, fostering innovation at the intersection of different fields.

Cell Secretary: Varun Gautam



Cultural Club brings a sense of unity among people who may not have even known they had so many things in common. Doing activities at the cultural club is a great way to connect with others, take initiative and show leadership, and validate an important part of your identity. It provides a chance for young students to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world. The club aims to promote exposure and to increase the awareness of the students towards the finer arts of the world. From dramatics to literature, from poetry to music and dance, this is the place to come and experience it all. The club also acts as a forum to improve one’s communication skills and critical thinking power. Various enjoyable events are conducted under this club which not only entertains but also enriches our understanding of various cultures and practices and introduce us to new exotic art forms from around the globe.

Cell Secretary: MD Adnan Rahaman



A music club offers a platform for students to hone their musical talents, fostering skills like teamwork, creativity, and discipline. Through regular rehearsals and live performances, students gain valuable experience, boosting confidence and stage presence. This immersive environment nurtures their abilities, preparing them for future and personal growth. Moreover, the club can organize various events, such as concerts or open mic nights, providing platforms for students to showcase their talents in front of diverse audiences. This exposure builds confidence and public speaking abilities, essential for any business career. Collaborative projects within the club encourage networking and relationship-building, crucial in the corporate world.


Agro-Marketing Club is the place where all the marketing strategies based on needs and wants of the consumer are discussed, designed, planned, implemented and monitored. Agro-Marketing Club supports the creative thought process, new ideology, and relate them with the current scenario of (agri) market to create a win-win situation for both consumer and producer (farmer). We consider the ethics and values of every organization to better understand the best possible way to set a standard for new inventions that are to be introduced in the market. We observe, relate, and create the market.


  1. Expert talks, industry interactions, and exhibition visits to stay updated on market trends.
  2. Quiz competitions and group discussions to enhance understanding of agro-marketing
  3. Develop marketing plans and strategies, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
  4. Promote ethical considerations and responsible marketing practices.
  5. Conduct activities, surveys, and campaigns for hands-on learning and innovation.
  6. Analyse market insights, consumer behaviour, and emerging trends.
  7. Facilitate networking and collaborations with industry professionals and stakeholders.

Cell Secretary: Kondra Akhila.



The Academics and Administrative Club is a group of Class Representatives and study group leaders. The class representatives work for the students' welfare and act as a student and faculty liaison. The Academics and Administrative Club provides academic support, organizes class events, communicates with the students by listening to their concerns and collaborates with the Admin team of ISAB. The club also deals with the documentation, asset management, operations of class lectures, and events that build a sense of community and camaraderie among the students.


  1. Academic and Administrative support.
  2. Ensuring compliance.
  3. Managing resources and maintaining data bases.
  4. Facilitating communication .

Cell Secretary: Madam Anand & Shatakshi Gupta



To cultivate a lively Dramatics community in which students may release their creativity, create character, and have fun while improving their presentation skills, confidence, and communication abilities for better future opportunities.To be a leading Dramatics club that inspires students to embrace their love of theatre, acquire vital skills in presentation, confidence, and communication, and produce impactful performances.


  1. Provide a platform for students to enhance their acting, directing, and production skills, delivering compelling presentations on stage that cultivate confidence and effective communication.
  2. Organize engaging performances and workshops that showcase the diverse range of dramatic arts, enabling students to master the art of storytelling, express themselves with clarity, and connect with audiences.
  3. Foster personal growth and self-expression by creating a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures individual talents, builds stage presence, and hones persuasive communication skills.

Cell Secretary: Aniket Purohit


The campus is equipped with multipurpose sports grounds and a number of outdoor sports can be played. The above societies let our students enjoy and network with other colleges and corporate houses. ISAB pays attention on the extra-curricular activities equally, various opportunities builds an over-all character of the students. Along with this, ISAB also has a couple of cells built by the students, of the students and for the students such as-

  • Student’s Grievance Cell
  • Anti-Ragging Cell

Life at ISAB is filled with opportunities, excitement, fun and updated modern curriculum. ISAB can embark the beginning of a better and brighter future!

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